Reflecting; Week 10.

Ten days till hand in and I have nearly completed my film. I completed several blog posts where I reflected on my journey during this unit and after week 7 I abandoned it slightly, I feel now this stopped me from reflecting correctly on where I was at with my film so I am happy to be getting back on top of this now.

I have one scene left to complete which is my jealousy and anger mix. I have slightly changed my designs/ideas with makeup and styling and also changed my scenes slightly. I found during filming and the editing stages certain things did not work as well as I originally planned and I had to adapt and change my ideas due to this reason.

  • My main change during this time was my concept, initially it was a man and a woman’s emotion during  relationship, I found this over complicated my film so i switched it up where my film is based on just my female character. I feel this works fine and due to the ending of my film, corresponds with my final scenes.
  • I have had to change styling slightly due to weather conditions and also move and re shoot scenes due to the weather
  • I have changed my initial shot plan/storyboard as my filming progressed, I filmed what I wanted based on my story board but some of the clips I have included are just natural scenes where my actors are unaware they are being filmed and i found this worked so much better during some of the scenes which I am happy about.

I have come to a block with regards to my film, I feel my film is so deeply based on my story of love, people wont be able to see the deeper meaning which is how colour references emotions and feelings. I have also done a lot of my filming in outside locations which I feel may deter people from viewing this as a fashion film.



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