Continuity and My Images

Continuity is part of the filming and post production process. The purpose is to establish a logical coherence between shots by filming different scenes and camera angles and adding sound and music making it flow naturally. You can persuade the audience that what they are watching is real. Continuity is important because without it, the film becomes un natural to watch. This takes the audience out of the illusion that the film is a depiction of real life. With bad continuity, the film may not be useable during the editing stage. This is a huge waste of time and money as re shooting will be very expensive and may not even be possible. Even worse outcomes however is if bad continuity is not spotted during editing and gets released with the film. This would be the fault of the department supervisor and he/she will be in big trouble and may possibly not work again due to this kind of mess up.

As hair and make up artists there are many things that could effect the smooth running of continuity, those being;

  • The weather(wind/rain could make your shot but can you be sure the same weather will be there the next time you film? IF filming has to be done on separate days? How did the weather effect your look? can you recreate this if the weather is not the same?
  • Products running out or being discontinued from the retailer
  • Shooting out of sequence.
  • Crew availability
  • Actors illnesses (breakouts, weight gain, weight loss, hair colour change/hair colour fading)
  • specific production needs i.e hair pieces, jewels.

The next step in continuity and ensuring you are on top of everything is what you can do to ensure everything will be as best as it can be. Take pictures of every stage, note products and colours/types specifically, Equipment lists (brushes, tools, hair tools, hair band colours) All these steps are vital to ensure a production runs smoothly.

There are a few basic questions any make up and hair artist could ask themselves when working with continuity productions-

  • What did you prepare?
  • did you record the make up used? where you bought it from?
  • did you record the hair products used? where did you buy those from?
  • did you record how much you would need per day?
  • did you have enough products or did you run out?
  • Do you have accurate hair and face charts detailing the look?
  • if you or another person had to create the look weeks or months from now would it be possible? have you created specific continuity notes to make this achievable?
  • did you take enough pictures of you work? from every angle?
  • did you make sure you had any previous images to hand to work from?
  • Look at your final images next to each other, do they correspond? don’t they? why? what went wrong?
  • what would you have done differently?
  • what have you learnt from continuity


For our assessments this semester we had to re create a look from our film to create twice, one during week 7 and one during week 8. This was so we could understand the need for continuity which I feel I have done better on this year in regards to my continuity assessment last year.

To prepare I made detailed notes about what products to use and what stages in which to use them. I think I created a very good step by step list that was easy to follow and understand. I did not record how much I would need of each product, which was something I did not know needing doing, I can now reflect on this and ensure I do this next time.

I feel my face charts accurately showed my intent on the look and it was very easy and simple to follow. my hair look was very simple (scraped back pony tail) so this was not too detailed as it did not need to be I feel. I would try and create a more indepth hair chart next time but I covered as much as possible in my notes and design.

I took many images during my applications on both assessment days, particularly on the first assessment as I knew it would help me a lot during the second one. I payed close attention to the hand smudge across the face ensuring I knew what hand i used, what fingers and where they were placed as they were smudged down the face.

I feel this assessment went as well as possible as I think this is quite a hard look to do twice, especially for it to be in the exact place with regards to the hand print. I found it challenging as I had to remove slight off track smudges because they were very noticeably different from the first which was difficult with time keeping but I managed to do this. I would like to think I would give myself an easier look next time for my assessment but I say this constantly, I find doing something that challenges me slightly or could end in a disaster more motivating and it pushes me to try harder and concentrate more.








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