Opening Scene Make Up Trial


After creating my opening scene mood board I decided to do a little make up tester for the scene. I created a flawless base, dark eyes with a hint of gold and left the lips a nude colour (Excuse the pictures being taken in my kitchen, this is the best lighting I had) I think I did a pretty good job with the eye make up as this is something I struggle to do, especially on hooded eyes which is what my model has so I am very please with the outcome.

I decided from this tester that I don’t want a dark eye  and I would rather a dark plum lip, as it is Autumn and dark lips are my favorite but I am trying to match the purple colour to an emotion, as my opening scene is based on attraction, lust, glamour and happiness the colours I use during this scene need to represent this. The color purple represents mystery/romance which is great for my mood during the opening scene. The purple lip would also work well with my models hair colour which at the moment is a light purple colour.

My other idea is to have red lips, this shows the glamour/drama and also romance of the opening scene. As i prefer the plum lips I will refer to the styling of my models to show the red/emotions of the opening scene. This is not just a one emotion scene but several emotions/feelings as this is when the couple first meet.

I will need to do something on the eyes to make them Pop on camera so I will be testing the Laura Mercier Tight Lining technique explained to us during the demonstration we had at the start of the semester.


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