Assessment Outcomes








I am very happy with the outcomes of my assessment. The images mirror my design perfectly and they reference what I wanted them to with regards to the design concept. My look is from my film during a scene in which my character is jealous. She will be body painted green and in the final scene she looks at the camera and smears the green across her face. I decided to do this look for my assessment because it had a more creative aspect to it as my whole film is very typical glamorous make up.

In particular, I think I did very well with the free hand line around the jaw area, this was extremely clean and tight which I am very happy about. The one thing I would definitely change about this look is the eyes. My model for the assessment and the character within my film have very beautiful eyes and tight lining alone just does not make them stand out enough, so this will be something I will elaborate more on for my film scenes.

As hair is something I struggle with but it has also been something I have started to make progress on this semester I chose to do something very simple with a scraped back ponytail, which I am pleased with. I managed to tame majority of the fly away’s and the hair looked sleek, although I wish I had allowed the hair to fall behind my model in stead of falling around her face.


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