Fashion Film Face Charts

Restaurant Scene Face Chart

During my film there will be a scene in which my make and female characters will be enjoying dinner in a restaurant. This is part of my flashback scene of happy memories. The hair will be big, bouncy curls.

The lips are the main focus for this look, they will be a very bold red shade to show the love/lust emotion my female character is feeling. 

Shower Scene Face Charts

The shower scene will be very basic. As my female character is going to be in a shower I have decided to concentrate on the skin and eyes. I will not be using any foundation on the face but I will be oiling the skin all over the body to make it appear very fresh. The eyes will be the main focus as my female character is upset. She will be crying and her mascara will be running down her face. The hair will be scraped back into a pony tail or pinned as the hair will be wet. 

The colours in this scene are black(mascara) for the darkness she feels and blue (shower room location) for the depression/sadness she is feeling.

Opening Scene Face Chart


The first time we see my model will show her personality. My character in real life is very alternative. She has purple hair which tells us about her personality loads. I will be going for a very heavy look. Strong contour, dark eyes (eyeliner) and dark purple lips! The purple will represent the mystery my female character gives off as well as her clothing, which will be black and red which show her passion/seduction. The hair will be big bouncy curls to add a touch of glamour

Beach Scene Face Chart-


Effortless beauty. This scene is going to have really fresh, Victoria secret style make up and hair. Flawless dewy skin that shines in the light, peachy nude lips to show the emotion of love and long beach waves. 

The body will also need to be primed as my model will be wearing a bralette and shorts so her legs, chest and arms will need to be flawless. 

The location of this scene plays a huge part of showing the emotion. I will be filming as the sun goes down so the orange hue from the sun will represent the happiness/excitement my female character is feeling. 


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