A visual list of camera angles I want to include within my film, this is a rough idea as I have never shot a film before so I am reluctant to concretely say I will be using these exact camera angles as I may find myself changing and adapting to my surroundings and characters while filming.


I would like an Extreme close up of my female characters eyes, this is going to show ‘Love at first sight’ which is a very common motif in Romance Genre.


Eyes. Close Up. Wallpaper.

I want to do a panoramic view of the beach I am filming at so you can see the waves slowly crashing into the shore, this will hopefully be lowered in its opacity so I can input images on top of the panoramic scene.


Beach Panorama. Trunk Bay Beach. Under Exposure.

Low Angled shot for when my character is walking towards what will turn out to be the love of her life. This will have to show certain colours so the angle must be able to work with identifying the colour/emotion concept.


Low Angle Shot. Shoes. Shuttershock.

Mid shots of my characters on the beach/Pier


Mid Shot. Paris. Codes and Conventions.

Close Ups and Extreme close ups of my bedroom scene.


Bedroom Scene. Bollywood film bedroom scenes. Close Up.






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