filming water and ink

Here I am documenting my experience shooting with water and ink. I watched several YouTube on how to create water ink photography, including the one below which is how to shoot a 4k (which is not what I would film in)

The Slow Mo Guys. Hypnotic Ink Physics in 4K. 28th February 2015. Available:

I firstly decided to try house hold items such as food colouring and using a syringe to shoot them into the water and use a wine glass. This did not work very well so I decided to bite the bullet and spend £17 on ink, a small fish bowl and some more syringes.

I used 4 white foam boards and a light and placed the bowl in the middle of the foamboards. I filled the bowl to near the top. I set my camera up so you could only see inside the bowl and not the bowl itself.

I used 3 different green inks, emerald green, bright green and apple green to create some more depth and interesting mixes of each shades. I had my housemates help me with shooting the ink filled syringes into the water while I filmed. The first couple of times it did not work very well, I found the faster you shot the syringes into the water, due to the bowl not being a full size fish tank it sent the water very murkey. After several goes, I decided to just slowly drop the ink into the water but atually place the entry tube to the syringe in the water which seemed to work much better.





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