Coloured Ink


High Speed Ink and Water Photograph. DIY Photo. Alberto Seveso. Available:

As part of my film, i wanted to create a scene which shows the jealous emotion of my character, the colour will be green and I wanted to base this scene in the studio and have my models face smudged in green paint and then her in full green body paint. I saw a film, which was posted on John spinks website by Owen Silverwood for Alchemy. The film is based on the study of liquid and light and consist of scenes where objects are dropped into milk like liquids and the effects are shown in slow motion.

One particular scene was when he did a close up of an object dropping into either milk or watered down paint and the droplets rised and separated, this reminded me of something falling apart and escaping, which in my film, during the jealousy scene is what is happening. My female characters jealousy is driving my male character away, just like the droplets separating.

The next scene i enjoyed was the smoke slow mo, which is where I started my idea for the colour ink/water scene. I wanted to film green smoke filling a studio space and use the opacity on premier pro to put it in the background of my planned jealousy scene to give it a little more drama. I was not sure if I could get a smoke machine or green smoke to come out of it and my friend told me of water ink photography, where you fill a tank up with water and using a syringe you slowly or fastly drop ink into the water and it creates some beautiful imagry as it separates.

To View the video click here:

The next film I looked at was called Ink and water posted by Brian Andrews. This shows ink separation in water from so many different angles including using some of the clips in the background, which is how I wanted to use this technique. The feeling this gives me r

eally makes me view my scene of jealousy differently and how I can portray a message with it. The ink while it floats beautifully in the water mimincs the beauty of a girl in love and when the ink slowly begins to settle and turn the water murky, that is what the jealousy scene represents. No matter how beautiful something is, once you allow yourself to reach the point of no return and allow your mind to be clouded and murky, you will not be happy nor content.

Ink and Water. Vimeo. Available:

the interesting part of me finding these images and films are the fact i had already viewed something very similar and blogged about it. Nick Knight did a series called Explosions, which is very similar to water ink photography.


Armani Advertisement. Vogue Magazine. November 2011. Page 233.

Another image created using water ink photography, this was for Armani and it was in 2011 Vogue.



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