Alberto Seveso



An Italian Illustrator and Digital Photographer based in Bristol. Alberto’s work was an instant hit while researching water ink photography and I decided to look on his website to see if he had done anymore work similar to the first image I had found. The first one I came across, typical to bristol was a drum and bass cover artwork where he had used the water ink. I found this quite interesting as i find the water ink quite dramatic but almost calmed to watch and to use this as a cover art for music as heavy as dubstep/drum and bass is pretty strange.

The next images I found were from a project called Trivial Expose,

it is a brand new series, that embodies the perfect mix between sensual female bodies and ink photography. “Digital artist Alberto Seveso has created a hypnotic series of painterly nudes, combining the sensuous curves of the human form with the enchanting visual effects of pure pigment in motion.” [found via Alberto Seveso Website]

These images are visually enchanting, I have shown anyone who will look at them because I love them that much. It has made me want to try and do something like this myself however I think with my time scale it may be a little difficult so I would like to do a project on this in my own time.

I love how we see the naked body as private and itimate and we are shocked when we are exposed to somebodies naked self however these images are of naked women, exposed to the camera but they do it beautifully. The water and ink replacing their skin also shows the beauty of a woman as this technique is still beautiful to look at. Even though this research is only relevant to certain aspects of my project I am very glad I have found this artist and his work, as he is extremely inspirational with how he pushes the boundaries.

Images and text oulined in Italic and bold are:




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