Film Mood Boards; Make Up, Hair and Styling


Most known to grace the kilts of Scottish men, Tartan was a HUGE trend from 2013 for fashion houses such as Moschino and Chanel. These collections have inspired me to use this look within my film. I think Tartan has a grungy feel to it, quite rocker/biker chic which is a look I am still really enjoying. My model also has a very similar style to the above mood board. Leather Jackets, Short, Shorts, Ankle Boots and Beanies, almost a hipster style for 2015.

Make up will be quite strong/gothic again with dark purple/plum lips. Strong contouring and graphic eyeliner. The hair will be big bouncy curls. My male model will be in jeans and either a red or yellow t shirt.


Due to the time of year and my idea to shoot on location at a beach I decided to scrap the idea of any bikini’s being used to keep my models from catching a cold. My styling idea is to have my model in shorts again and maybe a bralette, which are a very popular trend especially during S/S 15. The hair and make up will be very minimal. Loose beach waves hair like Victoria Secret’s models and fresh dewy skin. My male character will be in shorts/tank tops with sunglasses. I need to reference the colour of my characters clothes to match a specific emotion.


Envy, Jealousy. One part of any relationship. I want to do full body painting for one scene in my film which I think would be really great. I also want to use a long green, flowing dress and scarves and a wind machine to create an effect similar to the image in the top right corner. I will also be doing a close up of my female models face where she will smudge green paint all over her face.


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