Reflective Diary Weeks 5&6

[Make Up by Sophie Sommers]
Week 5 has possibly been the most stressful so far. Even though everything is coming along at a great pace I feel very rushed and out of control. I have still yet to confirm my male model for my film which is taking up valuable filming time which is not great, hopefully I get this sorted by week 6.

My partner has also given me her design for the timed assessments we have during week 7 and 8. The assessment is also continuity based, which is something I really struggled at last year. I now know the steps I need to take to ensure I can improve on my continuity skills this year by taking as many step by step photos as possible and noting down every tool and product used. My partners design is great, I love how she is creating a film with make up based as art work. She has given me an abstract painting face chart to re create during the assessments and even though it looks great, its very challenging. There are precision lines and circles around the face which is extremely time consuming when done free hand so I may have to create some templates to use so I am sure to get the whole look done in our two hour assessment.

I am also having to finalize my looks for my film this week as practice sessions for our assessments start during week 6. This is proving to be difficult with the amount of different looks I have but I am trying to narrow it down to the one I think will be skillfully challenging and also fun to create for my partner.

I feel very confident in my IT lessons with Ken, I believe I am very much capable of editing/filming my fashion film to the highest standard at my level of work. My idea has developed massively for my film once again and I believe my concept of color and emotion as well as my narrative of a Love Story will be brilliant for my film. I have got to a stage in my research where I can visualize all the scenes in my film which has helped me create a great visual mood board and story board for my presentation. I have also found the music for my film after a few weeks of looking.

I have enjoyed some great lessons this week including Lotties Sci Fi Make Up practical. It was good fun to just play around and have a more relaxed lesson in preparation for next week. The one major concern for my film at this stage is I am still awaiting confirmation from my male character, which is making me loose precious filming time.

Friday comes around extremely quick. In Pascal’s lesson we had to do a pre presentation of our film ideas so far, which didn’t freak me out. Last year I was a wreck at the mention of ‘Presentations’ but after becoming Course Rep and feeling free to voice my opinions freely within my group I felt very comfortable to showcase my ideas in front of staff and students. This is a massive step in the right direction as coming to university was also a way to boost my self confidence as well as learning a skill I love.

For next week I need to ensure my face charts, hair charts and models are all finalized. My rough cut for my film must also be finished by Friday ready for my final presentation.

Week 6-

Week 6 has been a pretty rough week as I have been really ill and unable to attend majority of my classes. I made the decision to rest for a few days before finally getting back to work. I concentrated on mainly watching films and finishing my face charts and rough cut for my presentation. I finally have my music for my film, my models are sorted and my rough cut has been completed so even though I did not attend any sessions this week I have still managed to maintain a good work level and made some great progress.

My last major hurdle before I commence filming is finalizing a hotel room and a restaurant which is proving difficult at this current time.


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