Jealous Inspiration

My idea for a scene I want to include within my film which is based on the emotion jealousy. I saw these two images, one by Gareth Pugh during LFW 15 and one by Georges Antoni. They both include a small snippet of colour across the face which I would like to include in a few shots of my jealousy scene. My idea is to have my female character smear green paint across her face, showing that she is jealous and how the jealousy is slowly taking over her.

This was also in contrast to my body painting idea, which after much thought I feel would be better and much more fun to do and a lot more create with the make up. I would just want something like a smoke machine that can become green around in the background to imitate a flowing gown so I don’t have to just throw away a great, visually amazing scene.



Georges Antoni. 5O Greatest Fashion Photographers.Complex. Available:

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 21.49.09

Gareth Pugh. LFW. 2015. Fashion Daily Mag. Available:


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