Music Research

The music for my film has been one of the hardest parts to decide. I have been torn between instrumental music and lyrical music but finding something that would suit my film idea/story line correctly has been difficult. During a guest lecture Scott Breckenridge told us about two websites in which we could obtain music, one being free of copyright; Audio Music and YouTube Music Library. I initially wanted a song/sound that was very upbeat but it soon became clear that this did not suit the mood of my film which is varied. It is an emotional roller coaster so the beats/feel to my chosen song must reflect this accordingly. I have narrowed my song choice down to a few including:

The Hills- The Weeknd- The intro to this song is brilliant. It suits the mood of my opening scenes brilliantly but as the song progresses it just doesn’t suit it. It’s far to upbeat and the lyrics to the song don’t really match my film and the instrumental version is pretty rubbish, so this will not be a contender any longer for my film.

Good For You- Selena Gomez- The lyrics in the song suit the style of my film which is a love film. The song is about love but again, its too calming and doesn’t have anything in common with my film during its final stages where the drama unfolds. It’s a pretty plain beated song that stays on one level and wouldn’t add anything to my film.

Ellie Goulding. Dekota Johnson. 50 Shades Of Grey. Love Me Like You Do. Daily Motion Available:

My final and first ever music clip I looked at for my film was Ellie Goulding’s Love Me Like You Do song which was featured in Fifty Shades Of Grey this year. The song is also about love and I believe the instrumental version of the song suits my film brilliantly. The beats in the song, the build up at the beginning and the middle parts of the song where it picks up all add to the drama of my film. The song fades out naturally as it hits 2.01 minutes which is also a good thing as I will not have to edit the music to make this happen.


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