Film effects and why

As part of this unit I am required to edit my own short fashion film in Adobe’s premiere pro. Within this application you have the ability to manipulate, add effects and alter your film completely and I would like to include slow motion throughout my film.

Slow motion is used all the time in films and videos to add a feel of drama to a scene. You, as a viewer can then see things you wouldnt neccessarily notice with a normal time scene. The whole mood changes when using slow motion effects.

My main reason for wanting to use slow motion is becuase films i have watched have used it to it’s advantage and im my opinion has made the films in some cases. The film that inspired my sub theme, love was the lost flying film I blogged about very early on in my project, a lot of the film contained slow motion. My other reasons for wanting to use slow motion is because in some scenes my colour reference to the colour psychology theme can be found in nail colours, lip colours so scenes that go to quick may be undetectable, which would impact viewers recognising my theme.


Top 10 Action Packed Slow Motion Scenes. Watch Mojo. YouTube.

An example of how slow mo makes a film much better/more impactful.




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