Gothic Grunge

For my film, my female character already has a style I adore. Gothic/grunge with a wardrobe full of tartan, ripped jeans, black boots and teeny lace bralets. Gothic Grunge has evolved since its hayday in the 1990’s to a wearable, effortless chic street style. This almost opposes the romance genre of my film, where you would think my character would be in beautiful gowns, lingerie, etc.

To me, Gothic is no longer steel cap knee high boots, long black trench coats and those scary slip knot t-shirts. I wanted to keep my characters current style and transfer this into my film as the main colours of black and red are a huge statement for my concept of colour and emotions. i believe this, along with my characters current pastel purple hair and dark, grunge make up will help make a fashion statement within my film.

I’ve been researching different street styles/individual styles for gothic/grunge and found the following…

GRUNGE LOOK. Grunge Outfit Idea. Look Book. Kristina Dolinskaya. YouTube. Available:

This to me, is a more soft grunge style that we see very often on youtube, instagram. I see this style almost daily, as its a huge trend of 14/15.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.32.54.png

Another POLYVORE mood board i created, I searched for ‘gothic’ and ‘grunge’ and found a selection of clothing I like for my fashion look.

‘Marc Jacobs developed a grunge collection. Gianni Versace did too, but women found themselves hard pressed to pay designer prices for what they thought resembled second-hand clothes. While grunge remained popular with the younger crowd in 1994, women over 30 were unimpressed.’ [1]

‘Designers everywhere focused on the jacket as the key to contemporary dressing. Denim jackets and leather biker’s styles appealed to younger people. For the sophisticated woman, there were long, gently curved jackets from major de signers, such as Giorgio Armani and Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel, as well as less expensive versions without designer labels.'[2]

[1],[2]- Fashion In The 90’s. Retro Waste. Available:


Oscar De Le Renta. Plaid. 1991. ashion In The 90’s. Retro Waste. Available:

You can find articles after articles of people blogging about the revival of 90’s grunge such as the one below by LuLu, available:


another part of this trend i want to use for my film is the grunge make up look that has become so popular in the last year or two. The deep purple lip and graphic eyeliner has become a statement peice of any girls make up routine.


Lanvin voted in favour of the graphic eyeliner look back in their 2012 runway, however this is a little over accentuate for me but I feel it shows where i am heading with this research. Image available:



Gucci also adopted a grunge style during their 2012 show. This dark. high shine lip is a more glamorous take on gothic grunge. Image Available:


Tom Ford. Lips&Boys.

Saint Laurent. Grunge runway show. 2013. Paris fashion week. Popsugar fashion.


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