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Reality or Dream?

Inception is an incredibly clever, mind controlling film based on the ability to control dreams and create new fake realities. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the main character, Dom Cobb who with his team have the ability to control, design and live people’s dreams. The film is very Sci-Fi which initially put me off watching the film as it is not a genre I tend to watch.

The start of the film is of Leo washed up on a beach, the camera flickers back and fourth from him to two children playing on the beach which as the film goes on, we learn they are his children. We also learn that he was dreaming, his children were not there, that or he was hallucinating. I felt as though the opening scene was placed as a throw off in a way because the exact scene was re played towards the end of the film.

I now believe the whole film, including the infamous ending was a dream. I don’t believe he came back to reality and I can’t explain why but in my head, it was definitely a dream. The whole film was incredibly done, the way we saw Leo recruiting architects to design a dream world based on reality but not the designers reality was confusing but so clever. The dream world that reflected on Leo’s character was very different to that of Fischers. Leo’s was much more like reality, you saw houses him and his wife had lived in or grown up in, buildings that meant something to them all in one space and in a design sense they didn’t look right but I interpreted this as the whole film is not supposed to make sense, you can see it how you want to see it and it can be inexplicable.

One of my favourite scenes has to be the elevator of memories. Different floors represent different times/memories Leo’s character had with his wife. It made me think the director placed this in the film to say ‘You can keep going up and down but you will have to get out at some point and face your guilt/fears’ with regards to Cobbs wife Mal. For Cobb to survive he must forgive and move on.

The totems, a little momento dreamers use to tell if they are in a dream or in reality. I found this rather confusing because you are not allowed to touch other people totums, as Cobb said to Ariadne. The reason I found this confusing is because Cobb’s wife, Mal touched his totum, she put it in the safe. To me, this confirmed that the whole thing was a dream inside a dream and so on because I assume to totum would not work correctly? and he just dreams that it does and his subconscious allows the totum’s fate to be decided.

Cobb still wore his wedding ring, is this a sign of regret/sadness? I noticed on a few occasions he wasn’t wearing his ring and that was when he was seemingly ‘In reality’ but I think when he dreams, his subconscious explodes his mind with regret, guilt and sadness which is why he wears his ring, he has to face it. If he doesn’t he will not be able to go home, he has to let go of Mal and the past because his demons can destroy the inception job he has to complete to get home to his children.

A couple of scenes that caught my eye was how the camera pans down onto the watch as it’s slowly ticking away, the noise gets louder and louder although background noise is silent and then suddenly noise erupts and things start blowing up, I really liked how everything became focused on such a delicate watch and the noise was peaceful and before you knew it noise was drowning out the scene. This type of scene happens twice relatively close together, time slows down completely as the last second of the watch goes to tick and then a car blows up in complete slow motion. Amazing!

One of the scenes towards the end is when the car, full with all the characters crashes off, of the bridge in ‘Reality’ this then switches back and fourth to the dream world where they must finish the tasks successfully as quick as possible because for every 5 minutes in reality is 1 hour in dream world so when we do see the car falling from the bridge it budges the tinniest amount every so often.

The male clothing is very formal and smart during the majority of the film. The men are almost always in suits which are crisp and fitted. They reference the men’s professions, they are business men. I find the film has a very strong theme of architecture and the suits they wear remind me of the sleek designs of architecture.

Mal, when we saw her was either dressed in very formal evening gowns, very femme fatale and at some points she does actually attack people so its a good reference but she does tend to wear mainly evening dresses. Anything very seductive as she was a beautiful woman, which is probably one of the reasons her clothes were so beautiful too. She was a distraction to Cobb mainly. He seemed obsessed with not only her, but her beauty so his dreams manifested on this, she wanted him to stay with her so in Cobb’s mind, Mal would do anything to keep him.

One song that constantly repeated itself was Non, Je ne regrette rien by Edith Piaf which is French so I did not have a clue what she was singing about but now I’ve taken the time to find the english lyrics, the song makes total sense. The title means No, I regret nothing. This song was used to wake the dreamers up so it kind of insists that they do not regret doing what they are doing, which is clever.

Tom Hardy, Leonardo DiCaprio and Cillian Murphy were amazing cast members. They were my consistent favorites throughout the film because they visually and emotionally played their characters correctly.


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