Opening Scene Inspiration/Beginning

Eye Opening. Online Image, Tumblr. Available

Love this GIF image of a ladies eyes opening, it has a sex appeal to it which is something I would like to use in my film, perhaps towards the beginning of the film. I have seen a few films with this kind of shot in and it looks amazing, especially in slow motion. The only problem with this close up image is making sure every single detail is near perfect with regards to make up so I will have to practice my eyeliner application a lot before hand if I am using eyeliner in my design to ensure its very precise.

For every scene/shot I need an obvious or subtle splash of colour to reference my theme/concept Colour and Emotion. I think blue would suit this shot as it shows calmness.

Male. GIF Image. Tumblr. Available:

Male View. I have an image in my head of a male also staring in my film, which is the love interest of my main character. I want that classic ‘love at first sight’ feel, he looks around and instantly falls in love. it has a sex appeal to the scene, which is needed. I could incorporate the colour yellow to show happiness/excitement.

lips. Tumblr Gif. Available:

Lip’s are also an intimate, seductive part of our bodies. Lips are part of the passion in a relationship so I would like to show a shot of the lips in a Red colour to show the passion/intimacy/love. I don’t want to show a woman biting her lips or pouting I would just like to film them naturally, which is something i will have to play around with.

Rihanna. Gif image. Emlii. Available:

There is nothing more flirty than a woman flicking her hair as she stares at you. i think this would be a great shot and as its not as close up as the others i could incorporate the colour into her clothing such as Pink, showing affection/intimacy.

Louboutin Walk. GIF Image. Tumblr. Available:

Part of my research allowed me to come across a film which i have blogged about, in the film you see a scene where the female lead is walking, the camera is very low and it is in slow motion and i really loved it. I think this also has a sex/sophistication to it and to show the mood/emotion i could find a certain colour shoe.

Man and Woman. GIF image. Tumblr. Available:

I would also like a scene where the boy and girl come together for the first time. Face to Face. I imagine this to be an emotional rollercoaster experience. I would some how like to create and effect that has different coloured lights which reflect like sun light across the screen. This would show the anxiety, passion, happiness, joy and excitement as they come together for the first time.


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