Location, Location, Location.

Location Scouting

Here I will document my current and ongoing research into locations I want to or may want to be using for my short Fashion Film including where possible, my own research images/photographs…

‘Sandbanks, Poole. Dorset’

I visited Sandbanks this year twice, once as part of my photo shoot for Digital Image and I went back this summer because of how beautiful the place is. It has a Miami feel to it with huge modern houses right on the beach which I would LOVE to use in my film as a location, if possible. I am currently looking at houses in the area that you can rent for weekends/etc and I am going to inquire about using one of them possibly for a small fee. The beach is also beautiful and it looks amazing in photographs. I would use these mainly for the interior of the home, especially the bathroom and the bedroom which will most likely be modern/crisp. I would like to do a shower scene in my film as I think it will be very challenging and Psycho also inspired me with this particular scene, however instead of my character being brutally murdered she will be very upset/hysterical so the water also references tears.

I would also like to use the beach within my film that is located in Sandbanks, its very beautiful and reminds me of how partners go on holiday together and part of my film will be based on the experiences we have when in a relationship. The beach day out/holiday is very common in romance genres so It would be very conventional for me to use this location. Beaches are a very common motif in film in the romance genre which i found during my location motif research.

This was also inspired by Michael Kors. I am a huge fan of his brand and I have his new season catalogue posted to me every season and I love flicking through this. I find his brand very feminine, powerful and romantic and he uses beaches very often for his new season collection photo shoots.

   Michael Kors. Summer 2015 Catalogue.
Sandbanks Home

Southampton City Centre

After living here for over a year now I was surprised at the things I had never seen before. I walk through the parks in the city nearly every day and I have only just noticed some of the water fountains and more importantly, I have only just visited the Art Gallery which is amazing!  I also love the lamppost’s in the parks!

I love water fountains/feature, the sound of the water gushing out makes me happy& the design of some of them are amazing. I visited the Place De Le Concorde in Paris a few years ago and while I can’t get to Paris to shoot my film I could improvise and find another beautiful fountain here in Southampton, although I would like to film away from Southampton if possible but I may use local places if needed.


FullSizeRender (4)


Autumn is my favourite time of year. The leaves have fallen off the trees and whirl around on the floor in the wins. The parks are alive with colour which is a great addition to my film concept. The leaves in the parks will be orange so the emotional state of my characters would be happy/excited so A park would be a great location for me. During romance films couples often take walks in the park or have lunch/coffee in the park which i could include in my film.

My Main concern when filming outdoors is the weather. As we are in England and it is winter the weather can be horrific majority of the time so trying to plan to film around the weather and actors filming schedules will be difficult.




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