Reflection Diary: Week 3 and 4 

Week 3-

Week Three has been a good week regarding this Unit. I feel like I have made great progress with my concept and idea for my film and I am looking forward to creating my storyboard/rough cut for week 5/6

I have taken time to watch some films outside of our directed study including the Three Color Trilogy (Blue) which Pascal Recommended to me and I really enjoyed it. I loved how the director used the color blue in the most subtlest but obvious things to showcase the mood of the film. I will be writing my analysis on Three Colors Blue next week and will continue to watch the rest of the Trilogy,

Make Up Lesson with Lottie! AMAZING. I blogged about this lesson for my Tech File and I really really enjoyed learning the techniques similar to what would have been done in the 1930’s. I think my skills really showed during this lesson and I keep looking back at the images when I sign onto my blog post and I am really proud of my contouring. it looks great in black and white.

Seminar 2 with Helen also gave me knowledge on how to expand more on a short description of a plot/character. We worked in groups and for 9am we were firing words, descriptions and ideas at each other which was brilliant. We created a face chart and practical look which was great to do and I also think it reflected the style of make up I prefer and less on what the others in my group prefer so it was great to see them changing it up a little and we worked really well as a team.

Unfortunately I missed Jochen’s lecture on Thursday due to not feeling very well so I must now read up on any information he has put on MyCourse as I don’t want to fall behind.

After Marianne’s lecture (I know it’s not for this unit bur she inspired me to be more proactive)  I decided to revisit the Art Gallery as I felt inspired to look deeper and research more thoroughly, which is something I needed to improve on from last year. I reflected on different paintings while I was there and even chatted to a few other art enthusiasts. It was exciting to see how other people interpreted certain art work that I would not have seen if it was not for them.

One major plus this week would be finally starting to grasp how Premier Pro works for the editing part of my film. During tech lessons I find Ken is brilliant at explaining things to us and really gets involved when people ask for help. I have included a clip of my progression from week 3’s IT session.

Week 4

I started week 4 with a clear head and an understanding of the direction I want to go in for my Fashion Film. I feel even more confident with my editing skills after another IT session with Ken and I think my idea/concept of Color and Emotion is coming together nicely. I have included another clip of my progression this week.

Wednesday’s lesson was another seminar with Helen where we were creating a fashion film make up look, lighting and music for Marc Jacobs new collection. I worked in a smaller group this time and my partner did the practical look, which I was gutted I did not have enough time to do.

Thursday was a great day! I have been really enjoying my hair practical lessons this year, and I know I ramble on about how rubbish I am but I have finally started to make progress which I’m super happy about. I’m a long way from being able to do some amazing things but I am finally mastering the basics. I enjoyed learning how to use rollers correctly, which I partly knew anyway as I use them very often on my own hair but it’s a little bit more difficult using them on a model.

Instead of our normal lecturer Jochen this week we had a guest, Scott Beckenridge A Freelance TV&Film Editor. He spoke and showed us several video clips of movies and explained the importance of music, camera angles, effects and overall gave us some very good advice about our own films.
Friday’s lesson with pascal was another presentation on our ideas and to show our storyboards, I had completed a few but I was missing and still am missing some vital things for my film including a male character and music, which I hope to finalise this weekend.


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