Final Idea

Rainbow. Jennifer Glass. Art. Available

Inspired by Nick Knight’s explosion series I decided to research deeper into the way we portray feelings through colour. I find this a very interesting subject/concept with so much creative potential. I re visited Southampton City Art Gallery and re looked at drawings and paintings that I liked on a previous visit and interpreted them through colour, which was really fascinating.

My initial thought was to visually portray the emotions we feel when we see certain colors/how colors effect or express our emotions. I was going to do this with the use of Make Up and my initial thought was to remain studio based, after some discussion I found this to be a good idea but I thought I could challenge myself more and I wanted to experience video shooting outside on locations.

My idea has further developed from this into portraying a relationship through the use of colour and emotion. Romantic films, stereotypical are one of my favorite genres so after watching Lost Flying; Love Film and Big Budget Movies such as The Notebook I was inspired to create this storyline.

‘Nightmare in Color’

 A film showcasing how color and emotions link. I will not only being showing color and emotion and how they link but I will also be using a deeper story line based on the emotions within a relationship. Love is a varied state of mind, you can happy, sad, angry and jealous and my aim is to show these emotions with color, that is recognizable. 

One Nightmare. Two People. Endless Feelings

My film will follow the basic structure of any narrative/story with a Beginning, Middle and Ending. At the beginning you will meet the characters for the first time which will be a man and a woman. The camera angles, body language, music etc will allow the audience to immediately identify the genre, which is romance and to also, hopefully identify the concept which is color and emotion. The settings/location used will be carefully considered and places that not only reference romantic places such as Bedrooms/Showers/Beaches/Restaurants but locations will have to include colors based on the current emotion of my character.

The middle of my film will be where you witness the darker emotions Vs the good emotions, the reason behind the film, the feelings and experiences and the problems that arise within a relationship, The colors start getting darker, such as reds, blacks and greens. I am hoping to use a wide range of props, sound effects, locations, lighting and different make up/hair/styling looks to enhance the viewers understanding of what is currently happening.

The final stages of my film will be the ending, you will see the couple resolving their issues and conflicts and finally settling back into a harmonious life, it may not stay that way forever but it shows the outcomes in a structural way and also allows us to see that certain aspects of a relationship can be dealt with and you can move on and be happy.

All the emotions I want to portray in my film will have the correct color assigned to it for example I will be showing the obvious stage in a relationship where they are happy, so I will be using yellows and oranges.

I have now settled on my idea and must spend the next couple of weeks designing my characters, gathering my models, locations, make up, hair and costume ideas, props and music ready to shoot. I think my main struggle for the rest of this unit will be finding a suitable male model/character and finalizing sound/music, which will be an area I must concentrate more on for this to be a success.


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