What is Love?

What is Love?

Pushing my idea deeper I have decided to do a fashion film based on a colour and emotion concept and with a story about love, inspired by Lost Flying Love Film. I am now concentrating on how to expand on my theme ‘Love’ My research will focus on films in the romance genre where we tend to see a lot of common motifs used for example High school sweethearts, love at first sight, lover’s who can’t be together, blinded love and marital affairs. My main concern for choosing this genre/theme is that I don’t want to create a typical story line for my film. I ideally would like to show more of an emotional roller coaster of a relationship rather than the experience/fun times we see mainly in romance films.

When I watch romance films I think they tend to be a little unrealistic and it can frustrate me sometimes as I think that writers/directors can explore so much more with this subject/theme and actually finish with a deep reflection of Love. I am not the only one to think love comes with so many different emotions/feelings. Personal experiences included, I see love and relationships making someone emotionally unstable, in as best way as possible. Being in a relationship means your happy, sad, angry, confused, jealous at any given moment. You argue, you laugh, you shout and scream and laugh again, it really can be an emotional roller coaster but you feel almost euphoric. You feel so secure and content with this person. Their touch makes you shiver, your laughter brightens their darkest moments and vice versa. You most intimate moments are with this person. You bare all your insecurities, flaws and weaknesses and I want to capture and document this for my film.


Mind Map of Emotions, Locations and colors that represent ‘Love’


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