Southampton City Art Gallery

After looking into Color and how it makes us feel I decided to go back to the Art Gallery in Southampton to see if I felt different about any paintings, drawings or sculptures based on the colors.


The gallery is full of brilliant pieces of art including an impression of Colorado by Dan Hay who went on a journey to Digital Sublime, I bought his book as I was so fascinated with the paintings he created but instead of admiring the beauty of his work I wanted to see how the colors he used, made me feel, which was relaxed. The blue tones he used in the painting calmed me.


This is a photograph by Helen Chadwick and her collection Wreath To Pleasure. The images she has in this particular series are based around sexual aspects. the flower arrangements are a representative of the male and female genders. I loved this image when I first saw it last week and I loved it just as much on my second visit. You kind of have to step back to actually see how the artist has replicated a male penis as you cant actually see this close up. Meanings aside, this image made me feel quite content, even though parts of the flowers have died. The pink and white tones, if you didn’t read the information card presented next to the image would make you think the image was based on love, or the love of flowers.


Ben Johnson’s Spirit of Place collection, which is mainly what Southampton Art Gallery consists of includes some amazing architectural imagery. The one above has to be my favorite, it’s called Room of the Revolutionary and upon further research The description for the piece which wasn’t displayed at the gallery was, Violence is juxtaposed with stillness, past histories with present realities in Johnson’s Room of the Revolutionary (2014), which depicts the scene of a Mexican revolutionary’s assassination, now the Museo Regional de la Revolucion, Puebla. In it, a domestic interior is smashed, destroyed, and ripped apart by bullet holes. A mirror in the center is splintered, reflecting the light erratically, two chairs have stuffing exploding from ripped upholstery, and the wall is pitted with bullet holes’ [1] The acrylic painting mainly consists of warm colors like pink, gold, rose golds and some black. I can’t see past how beautiful I find this image, which kind of clouds how the colors effect my feelings. It reminds me of a beautiful, Parisian room that would be used in an editorial photo shoot.

All Images Taken At Southampton City Art Gallery By Myself.

[1] Apollo Magazine, Review Ben Johnson: Time Past Time Exhibition. Available:


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