Lost Flying, Love Film


Lost Flying. Love Film. Video Still. Alchemy Pictures. Available: http://alchemypictures.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Screen-Shot-2015-01-09-at-9.19.18-PM.png

I came across a video called Lost Flying which inspired me to include the theme ‘Love’ in my concept of color and emotion because after all, love is so varied. Love differs from each individual. No love is the same in my opinion. I always see films where the guy and the girl are all cute and in love but I find sometimes they don’t show how deep being in love is, you don’t get to see the heartache, jealousy, passion, fire, anger and every single emotion known to man that love can make you feel regardless of who you are, but maybe that is because the director or designer has influenced the love they portray so much that it tends to be their own take on Love. I think having not only a concept like color and emotion but having another way to visualize this is going to make my film great.

Lost Flying, Directed by Ashley Avis. Starring Nicholas Sabatalo and Kristin Brock. Cinematography by Garrett O’Brien. Produced by Edward Winters. an Alchemy Pictures production.Found VIA Vimeo, Available: https://vimeo.com/114821604

I found the video quite stereotypical. Boy meets girl, has fun, makes love and then one of them have to leave and then lastly, the one left behind goes after the other because they can not stand to be away from them. I think the shots/scenes created are great as not only do they show the clothes involved but they also show the intimacy between the two and love i think makes for a beautiful film.

The first clip/scene that really caught my eye was the slow motion shot of both characters walking. I love the eye contact they have at the start of the film. I think that eye contact tells a lot about people or their feelings, in this case it looks quite flirty. I also really enjoyed one part of the film where they are on a bridge as the sun goes down, the warmth of the sun in the sky corresponds to the warmth you feel when your in love.


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