Nick Knight’s ‘Explosion’

I am fascinated with some of Nick Knights work and I came across these series of images titled ‘Explosions’ I love how he has captured paint exploding and by using multiple pots of paint the explosion mixed a lot of the colors together creating some beautiful images. While Nick was trying to convey some type of challenging approach to something as he normally does, I decided to completely ignore what his reasons were behind these images and I concentrated on how it made me feel and I started to think about how the colors made me feel, which is something I am very interested and intrigued about. We reference emotions or feelings by the use of color so much especially in film, fashion, makeup- For example, the red lip is considered powerful, daring or seductive, which are all feelings. I think this will be a great concept for my fashion film as it is such a vast subject to research and I could really explore different ways/meanings towards colour.

Purples, blues and a hint of orange. These colors remind me of relaxation and calmness, like an ocean. 

  Reds, oranges and yellows. These colors are quite vast with emotion, anger, love, passion, power.

  The grey, black and orange in this image makes me feel confused, sad, cold, alone, dark. 

Images 1, 2 and 3

Nick Knight, Photography Series ‘Explosions’. Nick Knight. Knight, Nick. New York : Collins Design 2009. No Page Numbers On Pages.


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