Nick Knight Interview: Inside The Industry London College Of Fashion

Portrait by Ruth Hogben

Nick Knight. Portrait, Available

Fashion Photographer extraordinaire Nick Knight gave LCF students an insight into Fashion film and photography in a one hour interview. Nick Knight is considered one of the worlds most influential photographers and owns award winning website SHOWstudio. During the interview Nick was asked several questions about the industry and I have rounded up some of the points I found very interesting and informative.

My first point I noted Nick saying was how he thinks the digital era taking over print based work was a good thing. He said that everything we do is based around social media’s/online portfolios and websites. In some ways I respect his opinion and some I do not. I love the fact I can take a great photograph on my iPhone with good lighting and angles and people would be none the wiser, Nick has even used his iPhone in huge photo shoots including one for Diesel very recently. Before we had amazing HD camera’s right in our pockets, photographers would have to source camera’s, manually shoot, process films and all this was extremely time consuming fast forward to 2015 and we can now use digital camera’s and as I mentioned iPhone’s. I find myself scrolling for hours on instagram looking at artists work and sometimes they mention that the photo’s they take are done on an iPhone, now some are questionably awful but when edited correctly on what seems like millions of apps you would never question that it was not done on Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which can also be very expensive!

I also noted he find’s magazine advertisement’s controlled and by the tone of his voice and body language I interpreted this as him almost slating the way brands want consumers to see images that reflect what their brands are about, which I am all for and I don’t see this as a bad thing. If a brand has a specific image they want to convey I believe that is the brands decision to make, I could have taken this the wrong way however.

One thing I find myself is I lack motivation some time, Nick seriously gave me a major confidence booth when he firmly stated that me are the next generation of designers and that he knows his worth and so should we. Nick said ‘Without an image, a product would never sell’- Nick Knight, London College Of Fashion Interview. His reasons for saying this was based on a question is money important, and he said it was and that companies make millions of dollars of products/adverts he shoots and captures in a way that allows these brands to sell things and he believes the money he earns is justified by him being the reason almost, behind the sales of a certain product/garment etc. Nick saying this really uplifted me, It made me really excited to be part of a team one day who is responsible to creating amazing images that hopefully millions of people will see and possibly help a company profit from my work.

The next point I found interesting was Nick talking about the potential downfall of Fashion Photography. As we know fashion photography more or less demolished fashion illustrations and Nick feels the same could happen with Fashion film taking over photography. Nick said Fashion films are becoming what fashion photography was for magazines and I have to agree, as much as it breaks my heart. I LOVE going to the shop and buying a basket full of magazines like Vogue and just flicking through the pages, staring at the images in front of me. I feel closer to the image when I can touch it on paper and you do not get that online or in films but what you do get is a deeper sense of the image it would have me, if it is a piece of clothing for instance you can see it from every point of view, the sound, the lighting, the props, the hair and make up all tell a story more than a single picture would. I would be very upset if printed magazines eventually died out.

‘If you care enough about something, you can make it look amazing’- Nick Knight. LCF Interview

Quotes and information are from notes of Nick Knight’s interview. ArtsLondonFashion. London College of Fashion. Inside The Industry, YouTube Available


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