Film Research: Federico Fellini 8 1/2

Claudia Cardinale. 8&1/2. Federico Fellini. 1963. IMBD Website, Available

Not only did I barely understand or comprehend what was going on or what the actual movie was about, this film irritated me, alot. The start of the film baffled me, a character seemed to be trapped in a car while people were just staring, motionless at him as he banged frantically on the windows trying to escape, it shocked me a little and I actually started looking forward to watching the rest of film thinking it may be a horror.

I found myself having to rewind the film quite a lot as it has subtitles so I would miss certain parts visually because I was reading what the characters were saying, praying I would eventually grasp the genre/plot of the movie.

Apart from the obvious, I found the women in the film except for one absolutely beautiful. This made my viewing of the film more enjoyable. I am thinking that the women in the film are either all his desires/dreams? At one point I noted the main character asking Carla, I believe her name was to act ‘Slutty’ which is where I got my finding from. She is a married woman who appears quite flirty/sexual and seems to me like she could, potentially be a prostitute.

I found some of the filming of the movie awful, at one point it seemed like more of a documentary than a movie. The camera was almost imitating a person making a home made video and as the camera panned round the room people waved, which I found strange. It looked weird to me.

One thing I did manage to grasp was a sense that the main character is hounded in a way, someone was always asking him for something or interrupting him when speaking and after looking on IMBD I now know the story line behind the film, but I wouldn’t have guessed it at all nor did it appear obvious. Overall, I would never, ever watch this film again. The irritation and annoyance it caused me was ridiculous and I think that may have clouded anything I could have gained from watching the film.


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