Storytelling Within Film/TV


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I personally forget that when watching a movie I am in fact visually experiencing someones desires, fantasies, fears and much more. A film or TV show has a reason behind it, a story. This story can come from absolutely anywhere and without it a film would not make sense or be watchable in fact.

Most stories, as learnt in early stages of school have to have a beginning, middle and an end. A beginning to introduce characters, the plot/story, the location. This is, I think the most important part of any story/film. I make my mind up on a film within the first 30 minutes of watching them and in that time I sometimes turn them off because they don’t excite me or draw me in for more. That is initially what the director/writer is doing at the beginning of any story.

The next part of a story tends to be the middle, where we see the characters grow, suffer etc. This is also the time any conflict or problems arise,  for example a killer is on the loose or the groom has ran away from the bride. This part of the film tends to be the most thought out as it is generally the most exciting part. We make our minds up on what is about to happen to everyone at the beginning of a film but the middle is a chance for our minds to be changed and a time to experience horror, love, sadness or joy.

The ending of a film/story can give me two emotions, anger or satisfaction. I HATE the ending of a film that leaves viewers with a cliff hanger, which is normally because there are plans for a sequel but the thought of having to wait to see what happens next infuriates me. On the other end of the scale is when a story comes to an end in a more appealing way. Any problems have been dealt with and everything ends on a high note.

However, contrary to the above, I have watched a few sequels of films, like Saw for example that has several films but the first movie release is in fact meant to be the last movie. So when all of them are released you must watch them backwards to understand them. Also, I have noticed a few movies that start with the ending of the film and follow with… 10 years earlier. So in hindsight, you don’t have to have the typical narrative structure to a film, it just depends on how you want people to understand or view it.


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