Reflection Diary; Weeks 1 and 2

Reflecting on my first two week’s back at University


Charity Rhino inside Southampton City Art Gallery

As part of my mission to reflect on work or experiences in order for me to become a more effective learning/creative I have decided to summarize my week and how I could learn from certain parts or document what I have learnt.

During my first and second week back I have been given a brief that requires me to create a 2 minute fashion film. I am very excited but I am also apprehensive about the more computer based editing required. Ken, our IT tech teacher is super helpful and I understand quite a lot of what he has said to me during our sessions. He also told me to think of the editing program we will be using ‘Premiere Pro’ as a film version of photo shop, this instantly made me feel better as I feel one of my strong points of IT is my photo shop skills.

After finding out we were required to make a short fashion film my head started bursting with ideas and our next class was with Helen, who explained and helped us to understand the requirements of how to analyse a film in three basic steps. This helped me a lot as I found I was missing certain aspects in the films I have been watching which would have made my experience of the film more enjoyable, I apply these points to my research now which make my learning and understanding more effective.

Next up was meeting our new tutor Pascal, our first session was very eye opening and I really enjoyed myself. Pascal is a very clever, knowledgeable man and listening to him talk about things he is passionate about is contagious. After every lesson with Pascal I feel like I can do and want to do every idea I have in my head, all at the same time. He is very inspiring. Pascal also showed us some great websites and films to look at to start off our research which helped as I was struggling to find some fashion films to watch and since he showed us SHOWStudio I have watched so many and my understanding of fashion films has expanded and I also have more reference points within my research.

After a weekend of research and ideas flying left right and center I have started the next week with a more clear head of what is required of me and my film in this unit. I started my research on analyzing more fashion films to broaden my skills and I also started a visual story board with some scenes/shots I would like to use within my film. I also used some spare time during this week to visit the Art Gallery in Southampton which gave me time to clear my mind while looking at some beautiful pieces of art and one that stood out for me was Czarnobyl’s ‘Water’ painting. It reminded me of rock skimming at the seaside which was one of my favorite things to do when I was younger.

We also met our lecturer for the first time Jochen who did a presentation on Nick Knight and ‘What is a fashion Film?’ and he included a lot of websites or films we should watch and see which was awesome. He also spoke a lot about different photographers which has given me a good list to research as I had never heard of a good few of them.

My next seminar was with Helen where we were mind mapping on characterization and I finally understand how to create a proper character, I now know how to create every aspect of a character from their personality, lifestyles and how certain things will effect their appearance such as upbringing, habits etc. I also found the mind maps a great way for me to get out my ideas on what characterization is and working within a group and coming up with things I would not have necessarily of thought of was brilliant. I have taken this and I have now started doing more mind maps as my research, I find it engages me more because I can create lines and patterns and use different colors where as using a black Biro is boring.

My last lesson of my 2nd week was with Pascal again. I have learnt many things during this lesson that not everything is how you see it. There is nearly always a deeper meaning or story to a film, a picture or an item of clothing. I have learnt that I do not have to use so much structure within my film, I don’t have to do things in order for example my film having a beginning middle and end, this helped me think on a more creative level and I now want to step outside the box and create something that does not have this specific structure. Another great thing I have learnt is how music/sound really is important to a film. It has an impact on you and allows you to hear the story behind the film as well as visually seeing it.

I enjoyed how the videos made me really think to try and understand or catch the meanings of the films we watched and sometimes I did not understand them which is OK because I am now going to re watch them and give myself the time to understand them.


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