What is a Fashion Film?


Women Only. Karl Lagerfeld. Fashion Film. Available http://www.catwalker.tv/women-only-by-karl-lagerfeld-fashion-film

To me, A fashion film is a modernized way to showcase a variety of creative outlets including products such as adverts, clothing, accessories, make up and hair even though it has been around for many years. The life we live now in 2015, it is very evident that social media, internet or apps play a huge roll in day to day life including personal lives and professional lives and I personally think a video clip, film or GIF images make a lasting impression on us and allow us to think deeper about something we have just viewed because of the movement, lighting, sound, speech, props or locations. We question things we wouldn’t normally do with a still image. This is one of the amazing aspects of having the opportunity to create a film rather than a simple but still impacting picture. You get to see a product, a dress, a hair style from the angle the designer see’s it. its 3D, a fashion film shows details a still image maybe would not show.

I don’t believe however, that fashion film’s have taken over fashion photography. Fashion photography is still a huge part of our industry and it is very evident that fashion photography is still popular due to how many magazines are still up and running, just look at Vogue! Fashion Photography was something that almost over took and demolished illustrations. I would not like to see the end of fashion photography, but I would like to see more fashion films!


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