Characterisation Seminar Outcomes


For me, as a make up and hair artist creating make up or hair looks for a character is much deeper than just throwing on something that looks good. A director will inform me of the characters description, personality, lifestyle and I have to then create a look that will correspond with the actors/actresses role. I have included an example below which shows Taryn Manning in her normal life and her in a recent TV series Orange is the new black. She plays a drug addict who is currently serving time in prison for murder. The make up artist then has the basic knowledge they need to create a look for this character, for me I would research drug addiction effects, which in this case the actress has very rotten, broken and decayed teeth, extremely pale skin and greasy hair which is related to drug addiction. This research gives the designer or MUA/Hair stylist so much more in site into the lifestyle and back story of a drug addict and is then excellently executed. All with very little information from a director!

Taryn Manning. People Magazine. Sarah Jaye Wiess. 11/15/12. Available,,20756585,00.html

Taryn Manning, Orange Is The New Black Scene. Netflix Series. I’ll Think Of Something Later, Blogspot [Extraordinary Women] October 2nd 2014. Available

Mind Maps Seminar 1

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Characterization is how the writer/director introduced or describes the characters to his/hers design team. This can be either indirect or direct. You can invent a character from a tiny description of his/hers lifestyle or traits etc.

‘She was walking along the street drinking a Starbucks. The upper east side can be lonely sometimes. She heads into her favorite department store where she is greeted by the doorman who seem’s to know her very well’ 

The above description was made up by myself to show how I would interpret this and could create a character from this description. I imagine this woman to be very slender, well dressed, well groomed. Almost gossip girl glamour.Huge blonde hair, flawless face. What I would assume a wealthy, fashion forward NYC girl would look like. Her self as a person, maybe a little cold and rude. high class/rich as the department store has a ‘doorman’ which is very rare unless it is somewhere like Bergdorf’s, Barney’s or Bloomingdales or other very expensive luxury branded shop.

‘She struggled to get home on her own, she could not cook, nor clean for herself any more. Her skin was frail and wrinkled’ 

Again, the above description was made up by myself to show how I would interpret this and create a character from such a vague description. I image this lady to be very old, so I would use special effects to age the skin. I could use hair spray, hair dye or wigs to lighten or add grey to the hair. I could also go deeper and include other special effects including sores as she may not be able to bath or wash herself.

You can definitely expand and create a character from very short but in depth description of a character. The director gives these out so we can design and create characters more effectively.


(Powerpoint chart made by myself)


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