Fashion Films: Its Miss, Actually- Christian Dior

Its Miss, Actually

Natalie Portman. Miss Dior, Perfume Fashion Film. Dior. Available

I have fallen in LOVE with this fashion film and Natalie Portman! It is so beautiful and visually appealing. My body goes all warm and fuzzy inside. The styling, location, make up and hair are all exceptional! I am actually very envious of this fashion film as It has really inspired me to try my hardest to make my own as professional, clean cut and magnificent as this one. I particularly like the different effects where it flicks from black and white to color depending on the emotional experience Natalie is going through, I have noted this in my own film research.

The films shows the tales of a bride who doesn’t want to get married. It starts off with the bride and her bridesmaids all laughing before they vacate the bridal suite. The bride then turns to the mirror where you see her real feelings, she looks sad, lost and worried. Looks can be deceiving is something I got from this film, as this looks like a perfect wedding with a perfect dress, location and weather but the bride doesn’t look happy, which is why I think a black and white filter has been used.

We then see a color view of the bride looking happy and content and she runs away from her wedding, she runs through fields and ends up by the ocean with the wind in her hair, one of my own happy places. As the film progresses it flicks back and forth from black and white, where you see her walking down the aisle towards her groom before running away and in color where you see her happy, running away and being passionate with another man.

A struggle: The Anton Corbijn-directed clip shows the Black Swan actress going between black and white and colour shots as she battles with the idea of marriage versus freedom  Freedom: Towards the end, she gets her wish as she makes a dash from her nuptials and hops into a helicopter with her mystery lover

'I'm sorry dad': Natalie looks beautiful in the video, but ultimately lets her father down as she escapes from her own wedding ceremonyPhoto’s 2,3 AND 4. Natalie Portman. Miss Dior, Perfume Fashion Film. Dior. Available


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