Fashion Film: Killer Heels Nick Knight

Nick Knight

‘Killer Heels’

Killer Heels. Fashion Film, Show Studio. Nick Knight.

At first I squirmed, feet? Yuk! I carried on watching anyway because I was intrigued. I did not understand this film at all the first time I watched it. It made me feel a little uneasy and I couldn’t get anything from it so I watched it again. The way I have interpreted this fashion film is that the creators wanted to express the pain, discomfort and pressure women are under to wear these ‘Killer Heels’ hence the reason for the glass shoe used within the film. The camera angles used show the models feet in the shoe from different angles where you can see the pressure the foot is under from being in such a confined, awkward position, this relates to the pressure we are under to look good and wear fashionable footwear.

You also see a close up of the models eye where she is squinting as if to show she is in a lot of pain.discomfort. The music/sound, including the heavy breathing and screams in the film reminds me of something from a horror film, which I think references the pain and horror the feet go through while wearing heels and also the pain we are willing to go through in the name of fashion/style.

The whole film kind of continued to make me feel uneasy just because I don’t really like feet but the actual message I got from it made me feel guilty almost as I put my feet through a lot already so wearing heels to make myself appear taller, more slimmer and more stylish doesn’t seem as worth it.


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