Fashion Film: Chanel N°5: The One That I Want

The One That I Want

Gisele Bundchen. Chanel. 2014. Huffington Post, 15.10.14. Available

I must have been asleep while Gisele became the new face of Chanel last year. I didn’t realize this film was an advert but never the less, it is visually appealing and I loved everything about it. The film starts off with music playing which is a slower version of The One That I Want from Grease the film. The lyrics give you a feel for what the theme of the film is but the visuals do not. You see Gisele surfing in the water and eventually see her looking up to her home to see what I personally think is her husband. Her husband is staring back and his facial expressions makes me feel as though he is saddened by something and you can also see this in Gisele’s face too. She tries to catch him as he leaves the house but doesn’t make it. She then finds a letter he left for her, and she looks somewhat sad and doesn’t read it, instead she sits happily in her dressing room while she applies her lipstick.

As she decides to read the letter she is at a ‘photo shoot’ and she starts to run away making me think she originally chose work over her private life and is regretting her decision, we then see her travelling in a car and she is crying. She finally comes face to face with who I assume is her husband and they kiss. I can’t help but find he felt somewhat annoyed she did not come sooner as he looked a bit fed up. Now I know it was a perfume advert I am kind of confused about the whole thing, you saw the perfume bottle once and nothing else seems to fit in with a perfume advert but that is just my honest opinion!

The styling, props, make up, hair and locations are so beautiful. I love how Chanel have incorporated their logo/name onto things such as the surfboard, boats and shop fronts.


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