Film Research: Eyes of Laura Mars

Eyes of Laura Mars

Faye Dunaway. Quotes. Robyn Levron. 1941. Available:


This film definitely confused me a little. Laura Mars is a high fashion photographer who’s work is based on women, mainly in a very sexual manor. Her inspiration comes from, unknown to her- a serial killer. The photo’s she creates have an unnervingly resemblance to crime scenes in NYC. We eventually find out she has dreams and can see these killing’s happening from the eye of the murderer himself right at the time it is happening and she must, along with the police try and capture the killer.

A couple of visual motifs I noticed were the models used while she was doing her photo shoots, They were the typical ‘High Fashion Model’ which obviously crops up in a lot of films about fashion or films that have a side story on fashion. Next is the main character Laura, played by the beautiful Faye Dunaway. She is another visual motif with regards to her being very attractive and also playing a damsel in distress/main character. During one of the scenes I noticed something we nearly always see in most genres… Those glass whiskey bottles and glasses everyone always drinks out of.. Visual Motif?Style, Hair and Make Up for Laura is typical of the time (70’s) she wore some amazing outfits including knee high boots, camel blouses, skirts and a over sized nude coat.


Damsel In Distress


Bad Cop

Locations- NYC is a very popular location for filming

The director uses some brilliant cinematography during the film including a formalist view of how she reacts when she starts to vision this murder that is taking place. The camera angles allow us to see and feel the horror she is going through and it makes the viewers anxious to see if she can get to the scene before it’s too late.

Music is also used during scenes that are quite shocking/thrilling, this film is not really scary, it’s almost laughable but I did enjoy it as the music really helped the scene develop and told the story of the horror the main character was feeling.


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